About Us


At Oya Foods, we are on a mission to celebrate and showcase the diverse and vibrant culinary heritage of Africa. Our journey began during the challenging times of lockdown in 2020, when we saw an opportunity to bring the rich flavours of African indigenous food to a wider audience. As a proudly woman-owned company, we are committed to supporting the economic advancement of women in the agribusiness value chain.

Offering a selection of packaged and bottled plant-based foods, every product is carefully curated, sourced and expertly crafted by talented African women, preserving traditional recipes while adding a modern twist.  Each product is a testament to their skill and passion, weaving their rich stories into every morsel.



Our vision goes beyond just  food - we aim to create a community around African cuisine, sustainability, and culinary excellence. By choosing Oya Foods, you embrace more than just a tasty meal option. You contribute to a greater cause, supporting small scale women farmers and suppliers within our value chain, creating a ripple of positive impact that reaches far beyond your plate.  With our dehydration-focused processing method which ensures foods to last longer without the need for added preservatives, you also reduce your portion of food waste and help the environment, without comprising on the nutritional value and taste of the ingredients.

We believe that food is a powerful way to connect people, share stories, and celebrate culture.


Join us on this flavourful journey!